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Ten Accomplishments

I'd like to share with you ten of my accomplishments that have contributed to where I am today:

  1. Started my own restaurant at the age of 25 (a dream come true)

  2. Sold my business for a six-digit figure at the age of 30. (If you only knew how poor I once was, having the memory of an outhouse growing up!)

  3. Secured my first significant consulting contract at the age of 30.

  4. Assisted in launching Ho-Lee-Chow, the then number-one franchise in Canada and the U.S. selling Chinese fast food.

  5. Started a fine dining restaurant and a catering company at the age of 32, which achieved one of the highest sales volumes per seat in the industry, was consistently voted in the top 100 of Toronto Life magazine, and experienced less than 6% staff turnover in an industry where the average is well over 250%. As well, I was able to be absent one week a month, in a business where theft is common.

  6. Sold my successful business to pursue my dream of making a difference in the world.

  7. Started Corporate Philosopher despite the obstacles in my path (the financial obligations of a responsible life and a healthy dose of fear!).

  8. Was elected to the International Coach Federation, Board of Directors, Corporate Executive Portfolio.

  9. Co-authored a book with Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield and Dr. Denis Waitley.

  10. Have been incredibly blessed as a father to my wonderful daughter and son, my most precious children. The relationship we have with each other is indeed very sacred to my heart.


  11. I truly live a life of ease and grace, with synchronicity and coincidence being part of my everyday experience. I love my life! I love every part of my life!! I even love the part that is not good…LOL!!!




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