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For Lawyers Only

Since 2001, I have provided coaching services to U.S. and Canadian lawyers and close to 70 law firms, helping clients address a wide variety of career and personal challenges that are unique to the legal profession.

I love to engage this unique group of professionals to ask questions, look deeper and think outside the box so that they can work less, earn more, enjoy more freedom, become more effective leaders, and solve other challenges with greater ease:

Work less
  • Identify and work with specific strategies to put the adage “work smarter, not harder” into daily practice
  • Determine your priorities and spend more time on them
Earn more
  • Improve intake and follow-up procedures to reduce time spent on phone calls with current clients
  • Close more deals – ask potential clients powerful questions so that the deals close themselves
  • Connect and communicate more naturally with potential clients and clients
  • Think like an entrepreneur to utilize marketing tools more effectively and generate more leads
  • Leverage social media, blogging, the current Google algorithm and SEO tools to maximize online visibility
Enjoy more freedom
  • Articulate a compelling and inspiring vision for your life and work; work towards that vision with accountability to get sustainable results
  • Find your purpose and support that purpose with passion!
  • Understand conscious and unconscious motivators in setting specific goals
  • Create your personal definition of success, and from that free up more time for family and doing the things you love
Become a more effective leader
  • Lead by serving
  • Coach, mentor and inspire staff
  • Improve communications skills
Solve other challenges with greater ease
  • Resolve HR challenges through leadership, connection, emotional intelligence and enlightened conversation
  • Benchmark productivity within your team through group/team coaching
  • Have courageous conversations with employers, staff and family to break through challenges
  • Deal effectively with partnership issues, exit strategies and succession planning, challenging clients, and other forms of negotiation

Watch the first few minutes of this video where Ben Glass’s Great Legal Marketing for lawyers speaks about the benefit of working with Samy!

Learn more

My client Ben Glass invited me to be his guest on his talk show as he wrote about me extensively in his new book “Play Left Full Back!”

Here is what this call was about written by Ben Glass:

Hey everyone. My good friend, Samy Chong, and I will be on the phone on Thursday March 26, 2020, Eastern Time for a very important call about wrapping our minds around the current events of the Corona Virus. Samy has been my executive/mindset coach for a number of years and he's helped me navigate tough time, growth, people and most important, what's going on inside my own head.

WE ARE OPENING UP THIS EVENT TO EVERYONE WHO WOULD LIKE TO PARTICIPATE. Samy and I have a lot of experience coaching lawyers and other small business owners...

There is a lack of leadership and calm thinking going on in the country right now..."all" the news on mass media is bad and frightening. What you need to know is that there are many, many entrepreneurs, business owners, parents (heck lots of people) who remain positive--have ideas to discuss--and are being proactive... so if you are looking for some calmness, get on the call or come back to this site on Thursday at 4:00 and join us..For those that miss the call yesterday, here is a recording of our call.




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