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About Me

Hello. My name is Samy Chong. I am a Master Certified coach (ICF – International Coaching Federation) with a strong background integrating spiritual and business principles. I define spirituality as the search for the highest truth, truth within ourselves, and in our relationships with others.

I bring to my coaching practice a background in business as a successful entrepreneur (two restaurants and a catering company). I have lived through a divorce, near financial ruin, a broken heart, the death of my parents... AND I also have lived a fun, vibrant, and successful life.

(Read more about my 10 proudest accomplishments.)

I have learned much from my two children, my wonderful former wife, my parents’ journeys home, my awesome clients...and the full spectrum of life itself. Every day, I am committed to being fully open to life's journey and the lessons it brings.

I became a coach in 2001, shortly after receiving a letter from my daughter Stephanie that changed my life.

Today, I feel blessed to honor my highest purpose, which is to raise the consciousness and awareness of organizational leaders who have a strong desire to incorporate spirituality into the workplace. Put another way, I am a capitalist who knows in my heart that as we move into this 21st century way of thinking as leaders, we have to become capitalists with a conscience.

This means that the welfare of our staff and how we make our money is critically important to how we live and honor our own personal legacy. Without a doubt, this is how we build stronger organizations with sustainability, growth AND profit in place…and we leave our world a better place because we are conscious and aware leaders!

It would be my honour to work with you to:
  • Co-create an organization that will inspire the soul of your company
  • Create a workplace that integrates humanistic values and business principles
  • Build an organization where you can leave your greatest legacy
  • Establish a personal legacy that honours your highest values as a human-BEING
  • Make a significant difference and contribute to the kind of world we all wish to see
In my own business experience, I have seen the tangible results of what is it like to care for, nurture, coach, lead and guide a team of inspired people. I have seen what it is like when employees offer to volunteer to cut their wages in difficult times. When it comes to your staff, you can “buy their backs” but you can never buy their hearts! Hearts have to be earned every single day. Once you have earned their hearts, you will succeed beyond your imagination, because there is nothing that your employees would not do to contribute to your complete success!

When you embrace a more enlightened model of leadership, you can be sure that you will no longer need to chase success and a healthy bottom line – for they will chase you! This is the power of an authentic, inspirational leader.






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