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Entrepreneurial Coaching

One-on-one Coaching

Our one-on-one coaching begins with a one-hour sample coaching session. This will give you a thorough sense of what coaching is, how we would work together and how our calls can specifically help you at this chapter of your life.

From there, if you would like to continue the coaching relationship with me, we design our alliance and coaching agreement together. This includes deciding how often we will connect with each other, and how long each call will be.

Team Coaching

I am delighted to offer team coaching, working with a powerful tool designed by Team Coaching International and which I have been certified to use.

The tool, which focuses on improving positivity and productivity in the workplace, uses a survey before coaching begins to help benchmark the positivity and productivity of team members in seven specific areas, zeroing in on the entire team based on their ability to be productive and happy on the job.

Team coaching takes place after the survey, typically in an in-person, two-day retreat format, based on the survey results, to engage teams to work together to improve performance in all areas and relationships with other team members and leadership.

For the most part, one-on-one entrepreneurial coaching is offered over the phone, and when needed, via Skype. In-person coaching is usually suggested for team sessions, and sometimes for meeting the principal of the organization for the first time.




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