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I have mentioned Samy Chong several times. I like to joke that Samy's my psychologist. Every lawyer should have a Samy Chong in their lives; someone you can have an open, honest conversation with about any number of issues - whether it's about law of about life - that you just can't have with anyone else.
Excerpt from Ben Glass's book "Play Left Fullback".
In addition to owning a successful law firm, he also have a division that runs Great Legal Marketing. (GLM)

Samy Chong is a truly wonderful, knowledgeable, and inspirational business coach and advisor. I've worked with Samy for several years, and he has transformed my practice. I am less stressed, more organized, and my practice generates more money than ever before. Not only am I enjoying the tangible benefits, but Samy is truly a great friend and person. I highly recommend Samy to anyone looking for a better way to do business and enjoy life.
Bruce Millar

..enlightening and a real gift ...totally passionate about what he does ...leaves you feeling confident.
President, market research firm, consumer electronics and information technology

...coaches from a state of grace ... allows more specific goal planning ... and without any feeling of doing it right or wrong or with any added pressure, yet accountability is present ...heightened awareness of who I am ...obtained a new sense of peace.
President, animal hospital

I just want to let you know how grateful I am to have you as my coach. Since I have met you, you have been the catalyst and my greatest teacher in moving my life forward to be the best person that I can be. You challenge me to dig deep inside myself to find the answers I am looking for. I am forever grateful.

Thank you so much for your wishes I love you very much and I am so lucky to have a dad like you!
Nicholas Chong
My precious son

Dear Samy. Thank you for your cheque and lovely card. You honour me in everything you do. You help me recognize my value in every way, spiritually, emotionally, professionally. I treasure you dear Samy.
(The late) Donia
My original web designer

Good morning Samy, I have had a wonderful week with you in town. Reflecting on not only what we accomplished but also the high level of purpose and mindfulness leaves me in awe of what you do and in awe of the true value of what we (you, Brian, Michael, our whole office team, TMP partners and last but certainly not least, my family) are on the path of accomplishing. I am soon to head out to continue what will be a special day. Have a wonderful day, a safe flight and an awesome time in Palm Springs. Sincere thanks to you for your time, effort and genuine spirit this week and always.
David B. Lever, Esq.
David B. Lever & Associates, PLLC
White Plains, New York

Dear Samy, I really appreciate all the time you spent with me today, and thank you for asking the “hard questions” J I am looking forward to using the tools we discussed and learning all I can from you. God bless you for all you do to help others. You are amazing!

Samy-- I just wanted you to know how grateful I am for the lifelong lessons that you have provided me over the years. I find that I get a lot of gratification when I can help my friends learn and grow and get their respect for my wisdom. Lately, it has been happening with more and more frequency. And for so many of the lessons that I am giving to them, I have learned them from you. I hope that this email finds you with much peace, happiness and good health. I look forward to more learning and growth with you in the future - whenever that occurs.
Robert J. Rooth
THE ROOTH LAW FIRM, A Professional Corporation
Evanston, Illinois

Samy I wanted to drop a quick note to you and just say WOW and thank you – our journeys have intersected and merged for very distinct reasons and it is truly wonderful! I look forward to continuing on and debriefing- I received a bunch of texts and emails from the staff that have touched me so deeply – enjoy your day and travel safe.
Brian M. Mittman, Esq.
Markhoff & Mittman, P.C.

...we feel more focused, positive, and energized ...clarify our goals and work together as a strong team ...learned effective techniques for dealing with any challenges.
Joanne and Gurth
Owners, gourmet food consulting firm

...unclutter my thoughts...given me greater confidence in myself ... helped me balance my overall life achievements ...optimum use of my energy …helped me become wiser. Samy Chong can help you live a fuller, more fulfilling, more goal-achieving life.
Vice president, computer firm

...I feel whole and even more so as each day passes with success ...Better yet is when those who thought they knew me notice a difference in me ...I can give the best of myself and all goodness returns to me. I can help others without having to be an authority.
Senior investment advisor

...working with Samy has been, most importantly, understanding what my role in this lifetime is to be ...getting on with achieving specific tasks and goals can achieve your true potential.
Partner, law firm

Samy, I can't believe what a difference you've made in my life these last three months. The big projects are starting to roll in, delegating the stuff I'm not great at is now happening with ease. I'm really believing that the big vision is inevitable. I have already realized a 2100% ROI on your services. Need I say more? Thanks!
President, international marketing firm

...I am more accountable to myself... do it from a place of love ...he just knows all the right questions to ask so you can figure out all your own answers. He leads you to personal freedom and happiness.
Personal coaching client

Praise for Samy’s work with lawyers and 4 Lawyers Only

Irina Valda’s acknowledgement

Gratitude to my Guru Anand Mehrotra, and all the teachers at Sattva Yoga Academy, gratitude to life coach Samy Chang, focused coach Sadhu Serves, and kundalini instructor Prakash Chegu.

What did I learn in India

To trust is a very deep and beautiful experience. Yet to learn how to trust can be a painful journey. It is interesting to observe how we never question our breath or heart beat - we simply trust it automatically, yet we question ourselves and each other all the time. Trust has been one of my ultimate lessons in this life, and it has been showing up on my path very often: being an immigrant and living in the foreign country, traveling the world, going through marriages, facing an addictions, reading spiritual scriptures...Read more


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Send this note while I was speaking with Ben Glass to his GLM Conference
Send this note while I was speaking with Ben Glass to his GLM Conference




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