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How may I serve you?

As an executive coach, this is the first and most important question I ask each of my clients. It is also the most important question an effective, successful leader can ask.

I have done my best to embody the principles of “servant leadership” for more than two decades – as an entrepreneur and owner of two successful restaurants and catering company, and since 2001, as an executive coach, helping leaders of many kinds solve their greatest challenges to find deeper meaning and happiness in their life and work.

I am truly honoured to serve leaders (and their teams) who wish to make a difference in themselves, their relationships with others, how they lead and guide, and how they can enhance and sustain the bottom line, while working within a challenging, competitive and often complex work environment.

My role is not to tell you what to do, or to try to “fix” or change anything directly, but to help you explore your challenges and lessons, ask deeper questions, and guide you towards finding the solutions within yourself.

I invite you to explore my website. It reflects the essence of who I am, how I work, and an entirely different, more conscious way of operating in business:
  • Integrating spiritual values with business principles
  • Facilitating the growth, learning, and well-being of others to make the greatest difference
  • Taking a stand for what is ethically and morally right
  • Living your values, purpose and passions
If you are intrigued and feel this kind of coaching might be right for you, I welcome your call or e-mail. We’ll set up a time to have a sample coaching call and discover how I might serve you, with absolutely no obligation on your part.






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